ollie lansdell

Ollie is an independent filmmaker from Shrewsbury with experience on experimental art installations, Virtual Reality films, documentaries and fictional films. He has collaborated in various roles with Rural Media, Pentabus Theatre, Wrapt Films and Taskscape Media.

Ollie frequently collaborates with Taskscape Media as Cinematographer, Colourist and Editor, working in Europe and Africa on long-form documentaries about place, science and culture.

Ollie is a current member of the Invisible Arts Network (IAN), a collective of inspiring artists, arts organisations and technologists creating Digital Art in rural areas. Ollie was involved in IAN’s first commissioned artwork “As Above So Below” collaborating with local artists, utilising 360 aerial and underwater cinematography, 3D printing and Photogrammetry.

After completing the BFI Film Academy Scheme with Rural Media in 2016, Ollie returned as a mentor on the course between 2017 and 2020. It involved teaching 16-19 years olds principles of cinematography and filmmaking for the creation of several short films to be screened at the Borderlines Film Festival.

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Recent Projects

Year Production Role Company
2020Diversify: Growing Beyond MonocultureCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
No wealth but life?Cinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
One Side Lies The SeaCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Pentabus Theatre
As Above, So Below - RemixCinematographer, Editor, Colourist, Digital Artist Rural Media
(extracts from) The Grebble MonsterCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Independent
2019As Above, So BelowCinematographer, Editor, Colourist, Digital Artist Rural Media
Kenya: Agriculture for an Uncertain FutureCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
Disrupt the NarrativeCinematographer, Editor, Colourist, Digital Artist Taskscape Media
Social Mobility & IndividualsCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
Social Mobility & CommunitiesCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
Social Mobility & SocietyCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
FolkCamera Assistant, D.I.T Wrapt Films
TurbineCamera Assistant, D.I.T Wrapt Films
PlumenEditor, Colourist Wrapt Films
The TraceCinematographer Imago Films
2020 (BFI Film Academy)Production Mentor Rural Media
Digital WorldCamera Assistant Rural Media
2018CrossingsCinematographer, Director, Editor, Colourist Pentabus Theatre
Same DifferenceCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
It Takes a VillageCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
Good LookingCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
The Power of One CoinColourist LonRom Film
InterplayEditor, Colourist LonRom Film
Bingo (BFI Film Academy)Production Mentor Rural Media
The Leaves of SouthwellCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
2017Romania: Living off the LandscapeCinematographer, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
InsanityCinematographer, Colourist Lepidopterist
Slovakia: Faces of the PastCinematographer, Director, Editor, Colourist Taskscape Media
The End of All Things2nd Unit Director, BTS, Stills Photographer Eve Entertainment

Experimental Projects