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Diversify: Growing Beyond Monoculture

This web series was produced by Taskscape Media as consortium partner for communications in The Diversify Project.

This series was the result of filming trips to Kenya, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Scotland and around England over the course of 4 years. These shoots resulted in over 80 hours of footage which was edited down to an hour of mini-documentaries.

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Camera | Sound
Ollie Lansdell
Chris Pavey
Kurt Stevenson
Jack Johnson
James Jepson
Marcin Czechowski

Additional Sound
John Jerome

Ollie Lansdell
James Jepson

Edit Assistants
Kurt Stevenson
Charlotte Loys Suadek

Ollie Lansdell

Associate Producers
Annie Rose-Flynn
John Jerome

Production Assistant
Beatrix Keillor

Science Consultants
Jen Banfield-Zanin
Charlotte Bickler
David George
Bruce Pearce
Christoph Scherber
Martin Weih

Alastair Simmons
James Jepson

Written & Produced By
James Jepson

Series Producer
Alastair Simmons

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